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This article covers Jala Fahmy Obituary, Burial, Funeral, Biography, Net Worth, Husband, Children, Age, Education, Career, Father, and many more.

Jala Fahmy Biography

Jala Fahmy Cause Of Death: How Did Jala Fahmy Die? All you need to know about the cause of the Egyptian actress, radio presenter, and entertainer death.

Jala Fahmy was an Egyptian actress, radio presenter and entertainer. She was the daughter of renowned director Ashraf Fahmy.

Graduating with a degree in English writing, Jala Fahmy started her artistic career at the age of 12 broadcasting shows on radio Hekayat Rawya WFekry and Al-Hall Howa Al-Habl.

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Then she began acting, appearing in a variety of film and television shows, including Youm Helw and Youm Morr as well as Edam Qady.

Jala Fahmy’s fame grew in the 90s, when she was a part of many commercially successful movies like Keid El-Awalem, Kabdat El-Helaly, El-Hob Fi Taba, El Jeans, TaaTa W-Rika The W-Kazem-Beh Trilogy, Samaka w-Arba Olsh, the Alaqat Mashboha and Kalam El-Liel, as well as being a part of a variety of popular TV series such as Layalay El-Helmeya, El-Weseya, and more.

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Her most recent film work included was Jala Jala in 2001 as well as Awel Marra Teheb Ya Alby in 2003.

Jala Fahmy Husband, Children, Father & Brother

It was believed that she was married with children, however their identities have never been revealed to the public. She was Ashraf Fahmy’s daughter. His brother is a director of photography, Mustafa Fahmy.

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Jala Fahmy Net Worth

Before her death, Jala Fahmy net worth was estimated at $3 million.

Jala Fahmy Obituary, Burial, Funeral

Fahmy’s funeral ceremony will be held after noon prayer on Sunday in Cairo, according to Actors’ Syndicate head Ashraf Zaki.

Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com