Kasoa Sakawa Ring: The Mallam Who Removed The Ring From The Boy’s Finger Speaks And Drops More Secrets (Video)

Sheikh Jibril, the Spiritual Mallam who helped to remove the ring that got stuck in the alleged Sakawa boy‘s finger has spoken on how the ring was removed.

If you can recall, Emmanuel Otabil from Iron City in Kasoa, who went viral after he wore the ring that seemed to be ‘eating’ up his finger disclosed that it had been removed, click here to watch the video.

He admitted that the owner of the ring had said that the blood of a newborn baby was required to remove the ring or he would lose his finger eventually.

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However, according to Emmanuel, a powerful mallam came to his rescue and performed some rituals which eventually got the ring off his finger, but he did not mention which particular rituals were performed, click here to watch the video.

The Spiritual Mallam who removed Emmanuel’s ring has been identified as Sheikh Jibril and has narrated how he helped him to get rid of the ring which was eating up his finger in an interview on Angel FM with Kofi Adoma.

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Sheikh Jibril has detailed the spiritual procedures he put the young man through in order to remove the ring, as well as debunking reports that he demanded a baby’s blood for rituals.

Sheikh Jibril also disclosed that he took Ghc170 from the young boy’s family and asked them to reward him with whatever they have and plan to give him in exchange for his assistance.

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The young boy’s mother also confirmed that the Mallam was only given Ghc170.

The Spiritual Mallam declined to say if the ring was a Sakawa ring or not, but did say that there was a spirit in it that could kill him if it wasn’t removed right away.

Watch the video below;


Source: Kingaziz.com