Kennedy Osei Celebrates His Wife Tracy Osei Birthday With Lovely Photos

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The general manager of Despite Media Kennedy Osei has celebrated his wife Tracy Osei with some lovely photos as she clocks a year older today.

Being the lovely and proud husband he has always been, Kennedy Osei took to his Instagram page to share some lovely photos of his wife with some sweet words to celebrate her birthday saying a word of prayer for her.

Referring to his wife Tracy Osei as her Royal Highness, Kennedy Osei prayed that she age with grace, love, humility, and God’s continuous favour as she is plus one today wishing her all the best as she celebrates her day.

Tracy Osei replying to her husband also referred to him as King thanking him for such sweet and powerful prayer on her birthday as their fans join in the celebration by wishing her a happy birthday tapping into their love.

Tracy and Kennedy’s marriage took over social media as it became the most talked-about marriage in town for a while and since they both aren’t the social media type, keep their lives off the gram and only post what they want their friends and followers to know.

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