Machine Gun Kelly Reveals He Previously Attempted Suicide While On The Phone With Megan Fox

Machine Gun Kelly has opened up about his prior mental health issues, claiming that he tried suicide in 2020 while talking on the phone with Megan Fox, who is now his fiancée.

The Go For Broke actor, actual name Colson Baker, claimed that he “snapped” while dealing with “very insane paranoia” and trying to come to terms with the death of his father.

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The performer, who is now 32, was raised by his father after his mother left when he was nine; he recently thanked his fans for helping him get in touch with her.

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In his brand-new Life in Pink documentary, which debuted on Hulu on Monday, MGK described how things turned “really dark” after he traveled to his father’s apartment to clean it out after his passing.

“I had this really weird interaction with this neighbour who told me all these things I didn’t want to hear. That f**ked me up even more because I couldn’t get closure on it… I kept getting paranoid that someone was gonna come and kill me […] and like, one of the days, I just f**king snapped. I called Megan, I was like, ‘You aren’t here for me’. I’m in my room and I’m like freaking out on her,” MGK said.

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However, this trying time made him realize that something was “not right,” and MGK claimed that it was Megan’s and his daughter with ex-girlfriend Emma Cannon, Casie’s concern that caused him to seek assistance.

“They simultaneously came at me with this like, “I want to be able to see in your eyes. I don’t want to be talking to you through a veil anymore. I want to see you as my father and I want to see you as my husband-to-be,” he added.

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