Madagascar President Reportedly Sacks All Ministers After Calling Them Poor Performers

Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina has reportedly sacked all his ministers, a statement issued by his office details.

The sacking of the ministers came days after he criticized some of their performances, saying they were below par, and weeks after officials said they had thwarted a plot to kill the former coup leader.

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There has been no reason assigned to their dismissal in the official statement released on Wednesday. On Sunday, the president said the performance of some ministers was unsatisfactory.

“Like in a football team, you have to change when there are failures in government. There will be a change, and this concerns those who do not carry out the work entrusted to them,” he said on national TV.

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Rajoelina, 44, was sworn in as president in 2019 after a hotly contested election and a constitutional court challenge from his rival.