Mariah Carey Has Upper Hand in Register ‘Queen of Christmas’ Despite Opposition

Mariah Carey’s bid to become the “Queen of Christmas” is definitely not far from reach despite the strong opposition she faces.

Some relatively well-known singers, like legend Darlene Love, have resisted Mariah Carey’s attempt to trademark the title “Queen of Christmas,” but there is precedent on Mariah’s side with the likes of Michael Jackson which gives her an upper hand.

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Mariah carey
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The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has received legal documents from Mariah claiming ownership of the moniker “Queen of Christmas.” There have been protests; vocalist Elizabeth Chan opposed Mariah’s petition, arguing that no one should be able to “monopolize” the term “Christmas.”

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Darlene Love has argued that the title of Queen of Christmas was bestowed on her 208 years ago making it out of reach for Mariah Carey. However, Mariah is the first person to have filed any legal document to claim ownership of the title. Well. that may not automatically mean she may get it.

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