Medikal, Juliet Ibrahim And Wendy Shay Busted For Chasing Clout In T-Pain’s DM

3 Ghanaian Celebrities are currently trending on social media after they were aired by Hollywood legendary Artist T-Pain.

Wendy Shay who is always on Ghanaians to wake up never got T Pain to wake up and see her message after sending him a DM on Instagram

T pain has released a long list of direct messages has has received over the past couple of years ever since he started using Instagram which he has never replied. In the video, you can clearly see the names of American and other global celebrities trying to reach him

However three Ghanaian Celebrities were seen in the List begging fro T pains attention. Medikal, Wendy Shay and T Pain all sent message to the Hollywood artist but never got a reply.

Social media users are currently dragging these celebrities for begging for attention from T Pain.

Watch video below;