Monkey Seller Sentenced To Probation Over Sale Of Monkey To LA Celebrity (Chris Brown)

The owner of a pet breeding business in Florida has found himself in the grips of the law after he sold a capuchin monkey to a celebrity based in Los Angeles.

The seller, Jimmy Hammonds was found guilty of illegally selling the monkey and sentenced to a 5-year probation term and a fine of $90,000.

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Though the federal indictment did not explicitly state the name of the celebrity involved, some key details from the case matched a report by the Associated Press when wildlife agents confiscated Chris Brown’s pet capuchin monkey after a video of the pet was seen on social media.

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Picture Credit: Getty Images

However, no charges were pressed against the singer, after he accepted to let go of the monkey and pay $35,000 for its care.

Yet Jimmy will be serving the first 8 months of his probation term in home confinement and also pay the $90,000 fine into the accounts, of a fund set up by the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service.

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