Ransford Osei

‘Never Leave The Woman Who Suffered With You’ – Ransford Osei Advises Young Footballers

Former Ghana international footballer, Ransford Osei has advised young footballers not to leave the woman who suffered with them from day-1 before they became successful.

He said when this happens, it’ll be a curse on you.

Sharing his own experience, he said he was lucky he married his first-ever girlfriend.

But when the money started coming, he left her to go after other ladies — the fair coloured ladies especially. But he later came back to his senses, and he’s lucky to be married to his first girl now.

Speaking to Humble Ike on YouTube, he said:

My wife was the very first girlfriend I had. We broke up at a point [and came back together],” Osei said.

“One thing about footballers is that we sometimes make bad mistakes. My advice to footballers is that they should never leave the woman they started with. Never leave the woman who toiled with you before God blessed you with money.

“If you leave such a woman, it could be your downfall. She may not curse you, but her suffering could affect your career.”

Watch the video below;