Nice Video Drops As Man Builds First-Ever Hotel That Floats On Sea In Ivory Coast With 800k Plastic Bottles

A white man living within the Ivory Coast in the West African country has employed the use of two stone for killing two birds.

This is because while trying to solve the problem of sanitation that is a problem in the country due to plastic bottles being used.

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He also designed an exquisite and distinctive hotel using this trash, and his inventiveness has made netizens applauding him on social media.

The man known as Eric who migrated to the Ivory Coast in West Africa has created the world’s first-ever hotel floating on the ocean using 800k bottles of plastic.

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The story was posted on Facebook by a popular content creator, Nas Daily.

Eric’s hotel is said to have an average of 100 guests per week.

Nas documentary shows the luxuriously furnished hotel that rents at $100 per night, and offers amenities like Wi-Fi, solar-powered lighting system, and air conditioning.

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If requested by guests, the hotel can be moved from one spot to another by beach.

Watch the full video clip shared by Nas Daily.