This Is Dangerous: Reactions As Video Shows Robot With Human Face And Smile Behaving Like Human

A video of an artificial human-like robot, Ameca, and the correct expressions on its face has caused reaction on social media.

The robot awoke with an uncharacteristic yawn, as if it were a person. The moment it woke, it looked at its hands like it was shocked that it had the body of a different person.

The creator of Engineered Art, Will, stated that the reason why they designed the robot to appear like a human was to be able to interact with humans, CNN reports.

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Ameca even has a stunning smile with a perfect tooth. In one part of the video, it put its lips on its fingers as if it was telling someone to stay at bay.

Near the end of the video, Ameca was seen throwing its hands out in a way that shows the acceptance of the imaginary family or friend, The Economic Times reports.

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A lot of people who responded to the video expressed fear that machines such as Ameca might one day be able to take over everything.

Below are reactions sighted on the comment section of the video;

@la_lolethia; “No freakin way! Scary!! 😮”

@ghanaianfoodrecipe; “I think we human beings are trying to create our own trouble makers..”

@sweetjbz “These are going to replace us.😮 Don’t let them fool you!”

@mollyab22; “My worst nightmare”

@dodge_jay1; “Meanwhile, there’s no cure for the common cold 🤧”

@keith_da_crip; “Hell no we already had learned from will smith”

@robertbaburin; “I won’t be able to sleep tonight…. 😕”