Sabire Aydemir Cause Of Death

Sabire Aydemir Cause Of Death: She was born on February 1, 1910, in İnebolu, Turkey, and died on July 4, 1991. She was a doodle on Google.

She completed her primary school in İnebolu and her secondary education in Erenköy Girls’ High School in 1933, although women were not encouraged to pursue higher education during the era.

As she was preparing to attend medical school to become a doctor, she chose the field of veterinary medicine because of her passion for animals. This was when she found out that female students would be admitted to the veterinary faculty for the very first time in that year.

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She worked at the Refik Saydam Public Hygiene Institute for five years in the field of Bacteriology and was awarded the title of expert in bacteriology.

In the following years, she worked later in Pendik Bacterioogy institute in Istanbul as well as the Etlik Veterinary Control and Research Institute in Ankara. After that, she offered to work in a different city and was appointed the chief of the Rabies Laboratory in the Veterinary Control and Research Institute in Samsun.

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On December 1, 1984, an anniversary marking 50 years of the full suffrage for Turkish women and men, she was invited into the Turkish Parliament to receive an award as the very first female to hold the field of medicine. In 2016, years after her death, she was presented with an honorary award by the Turkish veterinarians’ Association.

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Sabire Aydemir Cause Of Death

Sabire Aydemir death was natural, she was the mother of a boy and a girl.