Who Has Rihanna Dated? Full List Of The Singer’s Ex-Boyfriends

Who Has Rihanna Dated? Who are her ex-boyfriends? This article covers a full list of the singer’s ex-boyfriends before current A$AP Rocky.

The singer has dated some few men. Rihanna speaking to Ellen DeGeneres in 2011, she acknowledged that being labeled the ‘sexiest female alive’ could cause her to appear intimidating to men, however, she was seeking for men who could step to the traditional masculine role.

I like men who are more aggressive but mysterious, but I like a man to be very sure. I like them to be sure of themselves and know that you’re the man, I’m the lady, and the only way for us to make this work is if we play our roles. I can’t really be the man for you,” she said.

Who Has Rihanna Dated?

Below are a few men who have fit the bill over the years.

1. Chris Brown

Rihanna and Chris Brown

Rihanna and Chris Brown dated from 2007-2009. They soon became the most well-known couple of the young scene.

The couple broke up after an incident where Rihanna was assaulted physically by Brown, and leaked police photos showed her with black eyes and bruises.

Chris was arrested and charged with the crime of felony battery. He pleaded guilty, and was sentenced to probation for five years. Rihanna filed a restraining orders in the midst of the incident, but she eventually forgave him and dropped the restraining orders in the year 2011 before reuniting with him in the year 2012, but the couple split again in 2013.

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2. Matt Kemp

Rihanna and Matt Kemp
Credit: Djansezian/Getty

While split from Chris Brown, Rihanna had a year-long relationship with Matt Kemp for January-December 2010. The LA Dodgers star reportedly broke up with the singer as her schedule became ‘too much’ for him, according to a source told US Weekly.

He just can’t keep up with her crazy travel schedule. Matt’s sick of always following after her like a puppy dog all over the world. He wants something more normal.”

Rihanna, however, told Vogue: “I just let it go. I don’t ever want to have to depend on a relationship. I think it’s a really special thing to find love. It’s beautiful. Nothing can match it, but I want to make sure I find other things in life that I love besides love.”

3. Drake

Rihanna and Drake

Rihanna and Drake met in 2005. They famously dated on and off over the years while they collaborated on songs like Work and Take Care, as well as What’s My Name. In 2016, they released their single “Work” and gave the most intense performances on the track, which sparked romance rumors.

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However, the  Barbadian singer, actress, fashion designer, and businesswoman was spotted at her 33rd birthday party of the Canadian rapper in October 2019.

4. Leonardo DiCaprio


Rihanna and Leo are believed to have dated several times, the beginning in February 2015, the time they were reported to have spent Valentine’s Day weekend together.

In 2016, they were seen together at the Intrigue Night Club’s grand opening in Wynn Las Vegas. They both neither denied or confirmed that they’d dated.

5. Travis Scott

Rihanna and Travis Scott

Rihanna along with Travis Scott were romantically linked in the year 2015. Their romance soon ended and was only short-lived.

The rumors of their relationship first surfaced when the two were seen hanging out in 2015 during New York Fashion Week. The relationship seemed to be confirmed by a report that appeared in the December 2015/January 2016 issue of Complex.

Writer Lawrence Schlossman said that Travis was absent from their interview because he was ‘holed up with Rihanna, his recently rumored love interest/girlfriend/friend-with-benefit.’

In 2020, Schlossman declared on his radio show that he was never supposed to announce the fact that Travis and Rihanna were in a relationship. ‘It’s because Rihanna’s like, “Don’t tell anyone that I’m smashing Travis Scott, please,”‘ he said.

6. Hassan Jameel


Rihanna and Saudi Arabian businessman Hassan Jameel entered a relationship in 2017. They first appeared to be having dinner with each other in November of the year In 2018, they made a trip to Mexico together. They broke up in January 2020.

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7. A$AP Rocky


Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are expecting their first baby, as she is currently pregnant for him after two years of dating. The lovers are trending now after they are seen showing off that baby bump with style for the first time.

In the photos trending online, the singer and fashion mogul happily displaying her protruding, bare belly along with boyfriend, rapper A$AP Rocky as they stepped out for a walk.

The couple are seen holding hands, smiling at each other, with a gold cross and some jewels resting on the bump.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky out for a walk [Image Credit: DIGGZY/SHUTTERSTOCK]
The Fenty designer and the “Praise the Lord” rapper have denied several rumours about their relationship, until May 2021 Rocky called Rihanna “the love of my life.”

Rihanna Pregnant

In December, we reported that Rihanna is pregnant with A$AP after she was seen in a viral photo with the baby bump visible while she was crowned the nation’s hero of Barbados.

She was crowned as the Barbados’ national hero during in a ceremony after Barbados transitioned to an independent country.

Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com