Sakawa Boy Who Turned Into A Snake Killed By His Own Mother

One thing that parents have always wished for is to see their children succeed in life and bring joy to the family and to some extent hope that one day their kids would be the ones to bury them if they die.

But this story involves one woman who unknowingly killed her own son who had turned into a snake for failing to obey the rules of a fetish they had visited to seek power.

This was revealed by one sakawa boy who granted an interview to talk about their dealings and activities just to get to the top as rich guys in society.

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According to him, although their fraudulent activities are cyber-based which involves scamming whites, they always seek spiritual backing that facilitates fast transactions between them and the victims of their fraud.

Due to this, they have to do a whole lot of this just to make sure they make it in life at all costs.

The guy revealed that there was this friend of his who stays at Mile 7 who turned into a snake and was killed by his mother unknowingly and game boys around that area know this.

He continued and stated: “You must not continue taking from one client for too long. After you get the money, move on to another person. The mallam will give you two or three months to make money from a client. So, you need to set a target and make that money before the time is up. If you continue with the client, trouble.”

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Sampson went further to disclose that they [fraudsters] are in league with some musicians and pastors who have offshore bank accounts to perpetrate the fraud and give them shares of the booties.

I can mention some popular musicians who are in this game. Our clients send the money through their accounts and they take 20 per cent. That is what they spend on flashy cars.

We use NGO accounts and churches are under NGO and they are in this game with us. I don’t want to mention names but they are well-known pastors. Calculate 20 per cent of 4 million dollars.”

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Watch the video:

He concluded that it took him a long time to realise that there is more to the game than just browsing. He disclosed that some of the fraud boys travel all the way to India, Niger, Mali and so on just to seek spiritual backing for their activities.