Shireen Abu Akleh Religion: Was Shireen Abu Akleh A Muslim or Christian?

Shireen Abu Akleh was a Palestinian-American journalist who worked as a reporter for the Arabic-language channel of Al Jazeera for 25 years.

She was a household name across the Middle East for her decades of reporting in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

She was shot and killed on May 11, 2022, while covering an Israel Defense Forces raid on the West Bank city of Jenin.

Abu Akleh was rushed to a hospital in Jenin in critical condition, where she was declared dead shortly after, at 7:15am (4:15 GMT).

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Abu Akleh was 51 years old.

Shireen Abu Akleh
Credit: Al Jazeera

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Shireen Abu Akleh Religion: Was Shireen Abu Akleh A Muslim or Christian?

Abu Akleh was born on May 3, 1971, in Jerusalem; her family were Catholic Arab Palestinian Christians from Bethlehem.

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She spent time in the United States, obtaining U.S. citizenship through members of her mother’s family who lived in New Jersey.

She believed to follow the Arabic Christian religion and possess Palestinian-American nationality.

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The late journalist has been working for Al Jazeera, a Doha-based news channel. She was able to cover a wide range of news stories from the Middle East, as well as other parts of the globe, during her tenure with Al Jazeera.

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People are angry at the Israeli Defense Force for the horrific murder of this veteran media personality.

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