Lionel Messi Allegedly Receives 2-Year Contract From PSG After Exiting From Barcelona

Latest report gathered from the world of sports indicates that Lionel Messi has allegedly gotten a conventional two-year contract offer from Paris Saint-Germain after his exit from Barcelona. Barcelona affirmed last Thursday August 5, 2021 that Lionel Messi would no longer sign another deal with the Spanish club in the midst of monetary concerns and … Read more

Lawyers For Barcelona Move To Block Lionel Messi’s Transfer To PSG

Lionel Messi’s impending transfer to PSG after exiting from Barcelona has been undermined by legal counsellors, who intend to obstruct his move over claims the French club can’t sign the Argentine playmaker due to their own Financial Fair Play (FFP) circumstance. This comes a couple of days after Barcelona affirmed last Thursday that Lionel Messi … Read more