VIDEO: “You Will Die” – Violence Breaks Out At The Wedding Of Richard Agu And Benedicta Obiatopa’s Wedding

Richard Agu And Benedicta Matopa

The most talked about and anticipated wedding between Military Officer Richard Agu standard and his girlfriend Benedicta Obiatopa Langtaa yesterday took place at the St. John’s Baptist Church, Obuasi. Before his wedding which would have been unheard of, the ex-girlfriend of Richard Agu, Comfort Bliss threatened to cause commotion at the wedding because he allegedly … Read more

Kofi TV’s Reporter Chops Hot Slap From Military Men At Obuasi While Filming Richard Agu’s Marriage Ceremony

Kofi TV’s reporter chops hot slap from Military men at Obuasi

Obuasi was indeed very hot as anticipated as one of Kofi TV’s reporter ‘chopped’ a very hot slap while reporting live from Obuasi during Richard Agu’s marriage ceremony. One presenter of Kofi TV was given a very hot slap while attempting to ‘sneak’ cover Richard Agu’s wedding ceremony on live. was told he was … Read more

More Exclusive Photos From The Wedding Of Richard Agu And Benedicta Matopa Pop Up

Richard Agu And Benedicta Matopa

More Exclusive photos from the most anticipated wedding of Richard Agu and his wife Benedicta Matopa has popped up. From the pictures sighted by, it is clear that there was no “Vawulence” at the event and everything went of peaceful. The wedding which took place at the St John’s Baptist Church at Obuasi Brahabebome … Read more

First Video And Photos Of Military Men Storming Obuasi To Protect Richard Agu Wedding Ceremony

Richard Agu wedding ceremony has acquired a few photos and video of military men storming Obuasi to protect Richard Agu wedding ceremony. Obuasi is about to get interesting as some Military men have started storming the premises of St. John’s Baptist Church to protect their colleague Richard Agu’s marriage. The Military man has received a threat from Comfort … Read more

“How Can Someone Who’s Jobless Claim She Spend GHS30,000 On Me” – Richard Agu Finally Speaks

Facebook has been hot the past few days after an issue about one Military guy Richard Agu started making waves on social media. Apparently, Richard Agu is set to marry one Abenaa Obiatopa Standard on 20th March 2021 at Obuasi. Just when his marriage invitation card popped up on social media, one lady called Comfort … Read more