The Horse Turned Around and Told Me to F*ck Off – Ozzy Osbourne Reveals He Swore Off Taking Acid After Talking To A Horse For An Hour

Ozzy Osbourne

Famous English singer, Ozzy Osbourne has revealed that he decided to never take acid again after an hour-long conversation with a horse in a field. The 73-year-old rocker was certain the horse told him to “f*ck off” at the conclusion of their conversation, and from that point on he made the decision not to use … Read more

Ozzy Osbourne On The Road To Recovery After Major Surgery – Sharon Osbourne


Sharon Osbourne, wife of Ozzy Osbourne has reassured fans (hers and her husbands) that Ozzy Osbourne is doing well after undergoing a major operation which Sharon said earlier could “determine the rest of his life”. Sharon revealed to her co-stars and audience that she had to leave for LA to be with Ozzy Osbourne who … Read more