Valentine’s Day: Hajia4Real Teases Fans With 5 Sultry Bathroom Photos

Valentine's Day: Hajia4Real Teases Fans With 5 Sultry Bathroom Photos

Hajia4Real has caused serious traffic on social media as Valentine’s Day celebration with very hot photos of herself in the bathroom. Hajia4Real, also known as Mona 4Real, joined the list of celebrities who went all out with to do photoshoot to commemorate this Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2022. The Ghanaian model cum singer took to … Read more

Valentine’s Day History

Valentine's Day History

Valentine’s Day History: The origin of Valentine’s Day is uncertain. Many historians disagree over the exact date, but most agree that it was probably February 14. The first references to the day are in medieval literature. Geoffrey Chaucer, a medieval poet, linked St. Valentine with romantic love in his poem “An Englishman’s Tale.” This tradition … Read more

The Truth About Valentine’s Day

The Truth About Valentine's Day

The Truth About Valentine’s Day: The craziest part about Valentine’s Day is the fact that it’s a commercial holiday. During the third century AD, a priest named St. Valentinus, also known as the patron saint of love, helped Christians escape Roman dungeons and later became the most popular saint of the Middle Ages. The tradition … Read more