The Taxes Are Too Much – Diana Hamilton Cries Out

Gospel artist Diana Antwi Hamilton has urged the Ghanaian government to address the exorbitant taxes imposed on event organizers. In an interview on United Television, she criticized the high taxes levied on show organizers, particularly comparing the situation in Ghana to the United Kingdom.

Hamilton highlighted the stark contrast in tax regulations between the two countries, emphasizing that the UK fares better in this regard. She expressed concern over the arbitrary manner in which taxes are calculated, with tax officials often only considering the number of attendees to determine the organizer’s tax obligation.

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The musician lamented instances where attendees enter events without paying, using complimentary tickets or other means, effectively reducing the organizer’s revenue. She noted that even team members and close associates often attend without contributing financially.

Calling for action, Hamilton urged the Ghanaian government and tax authorities to ensure fairness and transparency in taxation practices. She emphasized the need for concrete measures to address the discrepancies and create a more equitable system for event organizers in Ghana.

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Hamilton emphasized the need for a comprehensive review of taxation policies to address these issues and ensure a more supportive environment for event organizers in the country.

“When I host events in Ghana, all they do is turn up at the gate and begin to count the number of people that are entering the hall, and they tax you with or without taking into consideration complimentary tickets. As long as they have entered based on the band on their wrist, they count and tell you the percentage you have to pay. So I’ve had the privilege to organize shows in Ghana and the UK and I am hoping that we look into this to see how best we can bring a solution to this,” she said.

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