There Are Too Many Block Heads On The Internet – Blessing Okoro

Famous Nigerian relationship expert and social media sensation, Blessing Okoro has taken to social media to lambast some users who according to her are just blockheads.

Earlier on, Blessing Okoro took to his Instagram account to advise her female fans to desist from regularly shaving off their pubic hair, adding that they serve a purpose.

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However, some fans of her and possibly her critics mistook her statement and went after her.

Blessing Okoro

Responding to the criticisms, Blessing Okoro argued that they had taken her words out of context, as she never said it was wrong to shave. She added that there are too many ‘stupid’ people on the internet.

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“Too many block heads. I did not say don’t shave 🪒. I said don’t shave all the time, rather trim because the pubic hairs help protect from bacteria. Too many block heads on this internet gosh…”


Captioning her post, Blessing Okoro emphasized that most Nigerian youths are blockheads who lack comprehension of simple English.

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“Comprehension is a big problem for Nigerian youths. Mtweeeeeeee. I said and I quote. Leave the hairs I. Ur pubic areas sometimes. Block heads.”