chinese man fights black man

VIDEO: Angry Chinese Man Fights Black Man In Rambo-Style; Gets Slapped To Reset His Brains has chanced upon a video of a troubled Chinese worker disrupting and attacking a young Black man.

In the video, the young black man was seen conducting safety checks at what appears to be a mining site, however, he was attacked by the angry Chinese man who had earlier confronted a colleague Chinese worker who was on-site with the young man and some other group of men in a noisy altercation.

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In defence, the young man kicked the Chinese man and a fight ensued between the two, causing massive confusion at the site as the Chinese man who couldn’t stand with the black man ran for something that looks like a metal to hit the young man, but he was kicked down together with his weapon by the latter.

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The incensed Chinese man was previously asked to leave to enable the safety checks to be conducted peacefully, but he was reluctant and subsequently attacked the young black man who was performing his duty, and that lead to the fight, but the cause of the noisy argument is unknown.

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Watch the video below;


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