VIDEO: Angry Parents Storms School And Throws Out The Head Mistress For Chopping Money ‘Nyafunyafu’

Information reaching our outfit indicates that a South African principal has been ‘tossed out’ of her school by enraged guardians after an alleged violence out at Theresa Park Primary School in Tshwane on Thursday morning, 13 May.

CCTV footage captures the odd second that the principal was whisked out of the front entryway of the school, while she was still seated in her seat.

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The horde of disappointed guardians can be seen hauling the principal outside just for her to be casually unloaded from her seat. A subsequent video shows her returning to her feet.

Indeed, it is claimed that the principal of the school has been ‘harassing’ other staff at Laerskool Theresa park. There are additionally allegations which guarantee the principal of the school has driven the office into ‘monetary ruin’ yet these cases have not yet been validated.

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Checkout the video below;