VIDEO: Captain Smart Reveals Source Of ‘Ungrateful’ Kennedy Agyapong’s Wealth As He Continues To Blast Him

Godsbrain Smart, popularly known as Captain Smart, gave Kennedy Agyapong a dose of his own pill this morning on live TV during his presentation on Onua TV’s “Maakye” show.

The two individuals have been throwing shots at each other for the past few weeks on their various platforms.

The Assin Central legislator has been criticizing the Journalist for his constant criticism of the ruling New Patriotic Party. This, he claims, is a deliberate attempt to make the party unpopular and cause it’s defeat in future elections.

Captain Smart has never shied away and has always publicly declared his alliance to the party on live TV and has always argued that, he loves the party and has no intention to cause the downfall of the party but is saddened by the poor performance of the government.

Speaking this morning on Onua TV, the seasoned journalist criticized Kennedy Agyapong and said he was not intimidated by the legislator but would always say the truth to him.

He said, Kennedy Agyapong was too loud and wanted everyone to know everything he does for people. He questioned why he would be bragging about the number of houses he had when the President, under whom he is serving does not have a number of houses in Accra, a yardstick the legislator uses to measure the success of people in.

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Captain Smart indicated that, Kennedy Agyapong was a nobody before President Kuffour in 2000, offered him a contract worth $80m to supply air conditioners to departments and ministries. He said, even after getting that contract and making himself rich, he still turns around to insult the former President and that should tell people the kind of person the legislator is. He further indicated that, when people criticized the legislator and accused him of being a drug dealer, he was one of the few people who stood their ground to defend the legislator and told people the latter was genuinely working in the United States.

”It is J.A Kuffour who gave you a contract of $80m to supply air-conditions to ministries, departments and agencies across the country. Have you forgotten?” he queried.

Proceeding further, he said; “If it was any other Ghanaian who was given $80m contract, he/she would have also made noise like you are making. You were given that contract to supply air-conditions in the country, and it was even renewed a couple of times. And you have the effrontery to insult J.A Kuffour, a hand that fed you. You say you are rich, I do not care about your money. If you have money, take your money and let me take my talent. After saying this today, I would not say anything about you again. You remember Ante Yaa who used to wear lenses in Kumasi because of her eye problems? You know her, and I won’t talk further about it. I will not give out the details today. I am never scared of you so, when you speak and people are running all over, you want everybody to be afraid of you, never!” he exclaimed.

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Questioning the legislator’s claim of being rich and having a number of houses, he reiterated; “The reason why I have mostly been quiet is because you speak for ordinary people sometimes. You are a grown man, and so show Ghanaians if you had a house in 1975. Show us the document since you are too quick to show documents. You became rich when J.A Kuffour became the President of this country, and who told you we do not know? We know, but you have the effrontery to insult J.A Kuffour. He made you who you are today. You sit in this country and make noise. Even if you buy an underwear for your girlfriend, you want everybody to hear. Why are you doing that? I will never come to you to demand for a pesewa because I do not demand money from people. Take it easy, Uncle. You know I respect you, and so I will not speak further. You know the conversations both of us together with other people have had. I do not want to have a “beef” with you, but if you bring it in, I would show you more”.

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Captain smart indicated that, he had been spoken to by some people to remain calm, and so he does not expect Kennedy Agyapong to go that tangent of attacking him verbally but insisted he would do all he can to keep the government on its toes instead of keeping mute to impress people.

Watch the video below;