VIDEO: Joke Silva Speaks On Life After Husband Olu Jacobs’ Illness; Reveals What Illness He Is Battling For The First Time

Joke Silva has spoken about Olu Jacobs’ health and general wellbeing for the first time in a new video.

She appears to be riding through a storm of emotions when she seemed uneasy when discussing the unfortunate events that took place throughout her lifetime over the last few years.

She also spoke about the job opportunities she was denied, as well as how her sister was also diagnosed with cancer in the year 2019.

The illness of her husband did make it impossible for her to take responsibility for her younger sister until she died.

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The loss of a sibling isn’t the most straightforward pain to bear, and when you add that to Olu Jacobs’ declining health will surely have taken an impact on her.

She also discussed the loss of her child twenty years ago, and how the grieving will never go away.

She shared how she was able to discover her adoption at the age of 9 months old, and the ways her adoptive parents kept the information from her until she was forced to discover.

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This is perhaps the most difficult subject to discuss and the big elephant in the room. She had to answer questions regarding the health condition of her husband.

He has admitted to suffering from illness, and the illness has been lingering for several years until now.

She referred to the disease as dementia with Lewy body that is often referred to in the field of Lewy body dementia. It is associated with issues with mental capabilities that result from the gradual changes and damage to the brain.

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She let out a sigh of relief at the thought that it was the first time she has spoken out in public. She was clearly going through a plethora of emotions as the words came out of her mouth.

We pray to God for health as well as strength for her dearly loved because it is not the easiest time in all ways.

Watch the video below;