Video Resurfaces of Dr Grace Boadu Discussing Her Husband, Who Sponsored Her Education

Currently, there is an ongoing discussion regarding the marital status of the late Dr. Grace Boadu, following her unexpected passing and her uncle’s statement that she did not leave behind a spouse or children.

In an exclusive interview with Poleeno Multimedia yesterday, Dr. Grace Boadu’s uncle asserted that his deceased niece had neither a husband nor children. This statement sparked a heated debate on the internet.

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Amidst the controversies and inconsistencies in the reporting of Dr. Grace Boadu’s marital status, a video from 2021 has resurfaced online, featuring the late herbal practitioner passionately discussing her husband.

On July 14, 2021, Kumawood actress and vlogger Emelia Brobbey shared an interview with Dr. Grace Boadu on her Facebook page. During the interview, Emelia Brobbey probed Dr. Grace to reveal details about her marital status and share her thoughts on marriage.

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In response, Dr. Grace disclosed that she had been married for 16 years as of the day of the interview. She mentioned that her husband, once her teacher, had sponsored her education and facilitated her enrollment in a hair braiding apprenticeship program.

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The late Dr. Grace emphatically expressed her deep love for her husband. For more details, watch the video below.