VIDEO: Stowaway Ghanaians On A Boat To Europe Shout Glass Nkoaa To Praise Twene Jonas

A viral video of some stowaway Ghanaians en route to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea have surfaced on the internet.

These stowaways were captured on tape praising Twene Jonas for motivating them to travel out of the hardship in Ghana.

In the video, the Ghanaians amongst stowaways were clearly hears shouting ‘glass nkoaa’, a slang coined by Twene Jonas, to pay homage to him. Others on board who could not understand what was said also joined with chants and noise as they posed for the camera.

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Watch the video below

In Ghana, 8 out of 10 people wish to travel out of the country to seek ‘greener pastures’ oversees.

If you ask which country they would want to go, many would say any country outside Africa that can pay and insure them will do–just like Twene Jonas.

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Some can afford a visa and passport but others risk their lives by using the desert or the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Italy then to any destination of their choice.

The desert and sea is a life threatening journey and very few escape the authorities, pirates and death to reach their goal but according to them, it is better than staying in a barren land.

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Twene Jonas, a Ghanaian living abroad and find delight in criticizing government, has gained popularity by preaching only the good side of America and chastising Ghana for its bad leadership.

His words of praise on how organized the foreign land is has persuaded many to think it is better to be a beggar in America than live a free life in Africa.