VIDEOS: Another Expensive Wedding As Young Ghanaian Rich Guy Davido GH Ties The Knot

Ghanaian Instagram’s big boy Davido GH, who recently became famous for his flashy lifestyle on social media, has now joined the ranks of the men.

Davido GH has tied the knot with his baby mama, who is identified as Maame.

The young and rich Ghanaian couple have taken the reins of the business from the area where Anita Sefa and her hubby had left it.

The couple have put together another lavish wedding ceremony to show off their wealth.

Videos and photos of their most certainly trendy wedding are now a trend on social media, as followers react.

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Davido GH, the groom, is featured in a video performing his local Adowa dance while his friends were cheering him on.

He was seen with his wife in a separate video in which they made an entrance into the venue.

The Bride, Maame, can also be seen in a video jamming out with her bridesmaids dressed in vibrant outfits.

Davido Gh and his wife are the most recent couple to arrive on the scene after taking the over from Anita Sefa and her husband, Barima Osei Mensah.

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So far, what we’ve witnessed is a bit more than normal, but we don’t know if they are planning to go overboard and save us from the stress.

Watch the videos below;

Davido GH is a young Ghanaian rich man who is said to be an entrepreneur, a real estate developer, an Investor, and more.

He likes to flaunt his riches on social media, and he’s got a fleet of flashy cars, plus his own mansion. Continue reading full Davido GH Biography.