What Is Beyonce And Jay-Z Twins Name? How Old Are Jay-Z And Beyonce Twins?

One of the most recognizable voices and faces in the world of entertainment is Beyonce; born Beyonce Giselle Knowles on 4 September 1981 in Houston, Texas.

She is multiracial and was raised a Catholic.

She is a singer-songwriter and writer. Beyonce was the leader of the once popular girl’s band Destiny’s Child.

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Beyonce is married to rapper and business mogul Jay-Z with whom she has 3 children.

Her sister, Solange is also a singer who used to be a back of the group Destiny’s Child. Beyonce has won multiple awards for her creative endeavor and industry including the Grammy.

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In 2018 Forbes magazine estimated Beyonce’s worth to be $355m with revenues coming in from her tours, endorsement deals, and other investments.

She is on record to be only the second female to rake in earnings of over $100m in a year twice.

What Is Beyonce And Jay-Z Twins Name?

The twins born to Beyonce and Jay-Z are called Rumi Carter, a girl, and Sir Carter, a boy.

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How Old Are Jay-Z And Beyonce Twins?

Jay-Z and Beyonce twins Rumi and Sir Carter were both born on 13 June 2017, making them 5 years old.

Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com