Why Did Dolly Parton Not Have Children? Could Dolly Parton Have A Child?

Iconic country singer Dolly Parton has been married to her husband, Carl Dean, for 56 years. The singer has an  obvious adoration for children, so it comes as a surprise as to why she never had children of her own.

Over the years, Parton has channelled a lot of devotion to children through philanthropy projects and children’s albums.

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Dolly Parton
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She even spearheaded the “Imagination Library”, which is a project dedicated to inspiring a love of reading by gifting books free of charge to children.

Dolly said she and Dean often wonder what their children would have been like, in an interview with The Guardian.

Why Did Dolly Parton Not Have Children? Could Dolly Parton Have A Child?

In 1984 when she was in her 30s, the singer suffered from endometriosis which resulted in her undergoing a partial hysterectomy to treat her symptoms.

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She was then told she wouldn’t be able to have children after. She was saddened by the news.

“Suddenly I was a middle-aged woman,” says Parton in an interview.

“I went through a dark time, until I made myself snap out of it. Though adoption was another option, the singer revealed.

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“I guess I didn’t have the time. I had my career and all, I had younger brothers and sisters, so I had that responsibility and that joy and that duty.”

Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com