Yazmin Oukhellou’s Mum Sleeps In Her Bed With Her Due To Nightmares After Horror Crash That Killed Jake McLean

Yazmin Oukhellou has spoken up about her terrifying crash, claiming that because of the terrible nightmares it has left her with, her mother has been sleeping in bed with her.

In a tragic vehicle accident that also claimed her partner Jake McLean’s life, the Towie actress suffered injuries.

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Despite the best efforts of the rescue services, McLean’s life was not able to be spared after their Mercedes fell over a 70-foot precipice while they were in Turkey.

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“I have nightmares every single night since the accident. I have not stopped waking up in the night about it. Mum stays in bed with me every night,” the Towie star told The Sun.

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Yazmin also revealed that she purposely broke her arm to enable her to escape from the wreck.

Picture Credit: Doug Seeburg

“It was lay there and bleed to death, or snap my own arm to try to save us. I am just hoping for the best and do you know what? I could have been like Jake and not survived, so I am just very grateful that if that is the worst case scenario I will deal with it as best I can.”

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Source: Kingaziz.com

Source: Kingaziz.com