Ashley Ross Sues PetSmart For Allegedly Killing Her Dog

Two-time Emmy award-winning reporter, Ashley Ross is suing a PetSmart after a simple grooming session of her dog went sideways.

Ashley “AJ” Ross is suing the pet store company for the 2020 death of her poodle, Kobe, which occurred after she dropped her dog over to a PetSmart in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for a nail clipping.

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She accuses the store’s staff directly in the lawsuit, adding that the most convincing evidence in favor of her claim is the store’s own security footage.

Picture Credit: ajross_tv/Instagram

The said footage saw Ross drop of her pet with the staff with a muzzle on its mouth to make the process smooth. The staff of the PetSmart then secured the dog with two harnesses; one around its head from the top and the other from the bottom. After a while, the dog went unconscious and all efforts by the workers to wake it up went futile leading to its death.

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Now, Ashley is accusing the PetSmart of allowing this to happen over and over again to other pet owners and also seeking for damages for her loss.