Derrick Josi Car Accident

Derrick Josi is widely acknowledged as a forward-thinking figure in the realm of farming. As the proprietor and operator of TDF Honest Farming in Oregon, Derrick is committed to upholding sustainable and ethical farming practices.

His dedication to transparency and authenticity within agriculture has positioned him as a prominent advocate, prompting many to reassess their approaches to food production.

Beyond his contributions to farming practices, Derrick Josi is a captivating storyteller. Through his blog, social media channels, and public speaking engagements, he shares the intricacies of farm life, providing a distinctive and often amusing perspective on the challenges and victories inherent in agricultural work.

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His skill in connecting with audiences through storytelling has garnered him a loyal following, both within and beyond the farming community.

Derrick’s influence extends well beyond the confines of his farm. His openness in addressing the complexities of modern agriculture and emphasizing the human aspect of farming resonates with people from diverse backgrounds.

He has fostered a deeper comprehension of the agricultural world while championing the significance of sustainable and ethical practices.

Derrick Josi Car Accident

On December 10, 2019, Derrick Josi used his official Twitter handle to recount a harrowing experience where he narrowly escaped a potentially fatal accident. He detailed the incident, sharing that while on the way to school, another driver unexpectedly turned into him on the highway.

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Despite sustaining injuries and bruises, Derrick, along with his children, managed to escape more severe harm. Notably, his wife Kaycee and their child Reagan were not present during the incident. Derrick used the incident as a poignant reminder to ensure that loved ones are aware of their importance and to embrace life to the fullest.

“This morning on the way to school I had a driver turn into me while on the highway. kids and I are battered and bruised(Kaycee and Reagan were home), but otherwise alright. This was a not so gentle reminder to make sure those you love know it and to live life to the fullest.” He wrote.