Derrick Josi Parents: Meet Don Josi and Desi Josi

Derrick Josi, a fourth-generation farmer working in collaboration with Wilsonview Dairy, has established himself as a notable figure in the dairy industry.

Operating under the handle TDF Honest Farming, Josi shares valuable insights and firsthand experiences about farming through blog posts on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Derrick Josi Parents: Meet Don Josi and Desi Josi

Derrick Josi was born in the United States to Don and Desi Josi. His parents are very important to Wilsonview Dairy’s history.

Derrick Josi’s parents were not particularly affluent or accomplished. He was born during a crucial juncture in their lives, requiring him to navigate his childhood while striving to cover educational expenses.

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Subsequently, he relocated to another town to pursue career opportunities. Despite financial challenges, Derrick and his siblings shared a strong bond during their formative years of education.

After earning a bachelor’s degree from Oregon State University, Don returned to the family farm, becoming a co-owner and ushering in a transformative period for the Josi family.

The dairy operation, initially spanning 60 acres with a herd of 65 cows, evolved under Don’s leadership to encompass 450 acres, specializing as a total Jersey farm. Don’s pivotal decisions, such as acquiring the bull “Merrit” and marrying Desi, laid the foundation for one of the most significant Jersey herds in American history.

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Desi played a crucial role in Wilsonview Dairy’s success, overseeing areas like bookkeeping and the calf program. The farm gained national recognition, securing the 14th rank for genetic merit in Jersey herds due to Don’s leadership in genetic programs and heifer care.

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In 2020, the American Jersey Cattle Association honored the couple with the prestigious Master Breeder Award, acknowledging their unwavering dedication to producing exceptional cattle.

The Josi family epitomizes the resilience and commitment needed for a successful multi-generational farm, serving as the third and fourth-generation co-owners of Wilsonview Dairy.

Their diverse roles on the farm showcase the specialization required for running a profitable dairy business: Desi oversees the calf program and finances, while Derrick, focusing on individualized nutrition plans and feeding regimens, complements Don’s expertise in genetic selection.