Derrick Josi Wife: Who Is Kaycee Josi?

Derrick Josi continues the farming legacy initiated by his great-grandfather, Alfred, who immigrated to the United States from Switzerland as an indentured servant.

Derrick Josi Wife: Who Is Kaycee Josi?

Derrick Josi, despite appearing unmarried, is, in fact, happily married to his wife, Kaycee, a well-known fact among the public. They have been together for a significant period, and Kaycee has consistently been a supportive partner throughout their marriage. Recently, the couple enjoyed exploring the world together, showcasing the comfort and stability of their relationship.

Derrick and Kaycee Josi proudly hold the status of Young Cooperators and are active members of the Tillamook County Creamery Association.

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Derrick Josi First Wife: Was He Married Before?

There is no publicly available information or evidence to suggest that Derrick Josi has been married before his current wife, Kaycee Josi.

Derrick Josi Biography

Born and raised in the U.S., Derrick faced financial challenges as his parents weren’t affluent. Despite this, he navigated his childhood, striving to cover his educational expenses.

Later, he relocated to another town to advance his career. The pivotal figures in Wilsonview Dairy’s history are Don and Desi Josi, Derrick’s parents. Don, an Oregon State University graduate, returned to the farm after obtaining his bachelor’s degree, becoming a co-owner and initiating significant changes for the family farm.

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Starting with 60 acres and 65 cows, the dairy farm, under Don’s guidance, expanded to 450 acres, evolving into a comprehensive Jersey farm. Don’s strategic decisions, including acquiring the bull “Merrit” and marrying Desi, laid the foundation for one of the most notable Jersey herds in American history.

Desi played a crucial role in the dairy’s success, managing bookkeeping, overseeing the calf program, and contributing to various areas. Her dedication, coupled with Don’s leadership in genetic programs and heifer care, led to the farm ranking 14th nationally for Jersey herd genetic merit.

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In 2020, the American Jersey Cattle Association honored Don and Desi with the prestigious Master Breeder Award, recognizing their commitment to producing exceptional cattle. The Josi family, exemplifying tenacity and dedication, serves as the third and fourth-generation co-owners of Wilsonview Dairy.

The family’s division of responsibilities illustrates the specialization necessary for a thriving dairy business. Desi manages the calf program and finances, while Derrick, focusing on individualized nutrition plans and feeding regimens, complements Don’s expertise in genetic selections.