Nicki Minaj and Drake

Drake Expressed How Much He Misses Nicki Minaj On IG Live Before Releasing ‘Seeing Green’

Canadian rapper was on Instagram Live with colleague female rapper Nicki Minaj expressing how much he misses bond between them before releasing their new song ‘Seeing Green’ with their former boss Lil Wayne.

Drake and Nicki Minaj were once signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Cash Money Billionaires (YMCMB) records and they both hooped on some couple of songs together before parting ways with the record label couple of years ago.

The two now top rappers has since be releasing top projects on their own with most been hit songs and topping charts.

Nicki decided to do a reunion of one of the biggest record label in the history of Hip Hop by putting together her former boss Lil Wayne and her former label mate and rapper Drake on her new hit single ‘Seeing Green’.

Drake in the Instagram Live video expressed how much he misses the bond and the relationship that existed between him and his fellow label mates at YMCMB including Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj herself.

Watch video below;

The ‘Seeing Green’ song since it was dropped couple of hours ago has received a very good ‘reception’ from music lovers especially Drake’s version on the song.

Recall it was in the news couple of months ago that Lil Wayne has sold all his masters including the whole YMCMB catalog which involves the masters of both Drake and Nicki Minaj to Sony Entertainment for just 50 million Dollars.