GFA Appeals To FIFA To Ensure Fairness In Ghana vs Ethiopia 2022 World Cup Qualifier

Ghana Football Association has officially sent an appeal to FIFA to ensure that their World Cup qualifier against Ethiopia that was moved into South Africa (a country in Ghana’s group) is not compromised.

A letter from the GFA to FIFA was prompted by the Ethiopia Football Association request to hold the World Cup qualifier against Ghana in South Africa.

In the letter sent to the world football governing body FIFA on Friday, The Ghana Football Association tasked the world’s leading body to ensure there was fair play during the two final matches.

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Ghana as well as South Africa are separated by one point, which is the reason for the final two world cup group games. This is why it’s surprising that Ethiopia Football Association is planning to transfer their home match against Ghana to South Africa.

Ghana Football Association has indicated to FIFA that the integrity of the sport in these World Cup matches must not be compromised, and that it must ensure fair play during the remaining two group games.

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The GFA is of the opinion that it’s wrong to allow a sport that is this large to take place in a nation that is part of the same group and is in competition to be the winner. The Ghana Football Association is urging CAF as well as FIFA to ensure fair play is taught to the latter in this regard.

Not only that, but the Ghana Football Association has also said that it will continue to work with FIFA/CAF to ensure it is done in a way that is right to ensure that the competitiveness of the qualifiers are maintained.

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Due to the complexity of this game, FIFA/CAF are urged to confirm as quickly as it is possible the location of the game to allow us for our logistical planning, particularly calls for players and visa applications for players scattered around the globe.