Jeremy Clarkson Says He Hates Hugging Contestants On Who Wans To Be A Millionaire

62-year-old English Broadcaster, Jeremy Clarkson, who now hosts the game show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, has said he hates hugging contestants on the show.

According to Jeremy, he is scared of how close their genitals might come while hugging, adding that he doesn’t want to rub his genitals with the contestant in the intense jubilations.

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He also explained that he fears he might be reported to the police for sexual assault.

Picture Credit: ITV

“There’s always a sense that my genitals are perilously close to theirs, and I really, really don’t like it when they move in for a kiss, which sometimes happens as well. It’s too intimate and there’s always a danger that they’re going to report you to the police. Especially if you’ve only just met them in a park.”

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Jeremy Clarkson said he usually gets the cheek kiss wrong all the time and is left nervous and stammering as he talks with people after the awkward kiss.

“Some women think this should be an air kiss and tilt their heads way over to the side, but I always take this to mean they didn’t even want the gesture of a kiss, which makes me all stammery and nervous when we start talking”

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