Mario Batali Children: Leo Batali, Benno Batali

Mario Batali Children: Leo Batali, Benno Batali, the sons of the American chef, writer, and restaurateur.

Mario Francesco Batali is an American chef, writer, and restaurateur who was born on September 19, 1960, in Seattle, Washington, United States.

Batali co-owned restaurants in New York City; Las Vegas; Los Angeles; and Newport Beach, California; Boston; Singapore; Westport, Connecticut; and New Haven, Connecticut.

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Batali has appeared on the Food Network, on shows such as Molto Mario and Iron Chef America, on which he was one of the featured “Iron Chefs”.

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In 2017, the restaurant review site Eater revealed multiple accusations of sexual misconduct against Batali, four women accused him of sexual harassment and sexual assault.

Batali sold all his restaurant holdings inMay 2019.

In May 2022, Batali’s trial in Boston commenced, with Batali waiving his right to a jury trial and opting to have a judge decide.

Mario Batali Children: Leo Batali, Benno Batali
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Mario Batali Children: Leo Batali, Benno Batali

Leo Batali and  Benno Batali are the children of Mario Batali and his wife Susi Cahn.

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The couple who got married in 1994 are blessed with the two sons.

The two brothers were attracted by their father’s culinary career. The brothers published a cookbook that has over 100 pages, titled”The Batali Brothers in 2013.

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Both appeared on their father’s show, The Chew and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to advertise their book.

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While both sons began by following the footsteps of their father, Benno later enrolled in the University of Michigan.

Leo chose a different path and decided to venture into business.

In the year 2020, he started working for Republic Labs as an investor relations analyst.

Does Mario Batali Have A Daughter?

Mario Batali’s all two children are sons, he does not have a daughter.

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