You Can’t Rely On Royalties In Ghana For Survival – Kweisey Pee

Sensational Ghanaian highlife singer, Kwasi Poku Addae, better known as Kweisey Pee has revealed that no artiste in Ghana can survive on royalties earned on their music in Ghana.

Speaking during an interview on GTV, the musician revealed that even though music pays, it was unwise for any artiste to believe that they can survive on royalties in Ghana. He hinted that even though he receives royalties from other countries, Ghana’s system was almost non-existent.

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“Music pays and I’m still making money from it but royalties no… You cannot really rely on royalties as an artist, especially in Ghana but elsewhere, yes… I get royalties from other places but in Ghana, it’s nothing to write home about,” he explained.

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Kweisey Pee recently revealed that he doesn’t see any uniqueness among Ghana’s current crop of musicians. According to him, all the musicians we have are generics who copy each other styles rather than expressing their own unique styles.

He also explained that even though Highlife belongs to Ghanaians Nigerian arts have taken over and making better Highlife songs to cash big at the expense of our contemporary musicians here in Ghana.

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