Britney Spears’ Lawyer Doubles Down She Won’t Sit for Deposition

Britney Spears’ lawyer has confirmed that the singer will not be testifying under oath in her ongoing legal battle with Jamie Spears.

In the ongoing legal dispute against Jamie Spears, attorney Mathew Rosengart filed documents, claiming that Jamie Spears’ testimony, physical evidence, and records will be sufficient to win the case. Britney’s testimony, according to Rosengart, would not be important in any court case.

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Rosengart goes even farther, asserting that if the case goes to trial, he has no reason to call Britney as a witness. He claims that any requirement for her to be deposed is eviscerated by the fact that she wouldn’t be called as a witness.

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Picture Credit: Getty Images

It seems that Jamie’s alleged financial misdeeds are where Rosengart is focusing his attention. He hasn’t played his cards yet, but it appears he may be avoiding some of the sensitive accusations Britney has made about her dad.

Earlier, Jamie Spears had urged the court to require Britney to take a deposition, alleging that she had made several accusations against him in court and on social media, some of which related to his work as a conservator.

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