Valdir Segato Illness: What Disease Did Valdir Segato Have?

A Brazilian bodybuilder who injected himself with OIL to create massive biceps, Valdir Segato, has passed away on his birthday.

Valdir Segato was a Brazilian bodybuilder and TikTok star who gained over 1.6 million followers on TikTok by pumping himself up with oil.

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He had been using life-threatening Synthol injections for years to produce Hulk-like muscles despite warnings from doctors.

Valdir Segato
Credit: Jam Press

He gained massive followers on TikTok with his eye-popping muscles, which were filled with a dangerous concoction of oil, alcohol, and painkillers.

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Valdir Segato Illness: What Disease Did Valdir Segato Have?

Valdir Segato died on his 55th birthday from a heart attack after he complained of breathing shortening.

He is also reported to have died of abuse of Synthol injections into his muscles.

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Segato continued using the oil until his death although he was warned about the consequence.